Rama’s Insight on EU Enlargement: Decision Makers to be Replaced Next Year

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has stated that the European Commission, Council, and Parliament cannot make promises about EU enlargement due to the fact that many of them will not be present next year. Rama emphasized that elections are based on changes, and the Commission, as it is, will not be present. He also highlighted that deadlines from the European Union are not something to rely on, as they have often been postponed repeatedly.

Rama is in favour of France and Germany’s proposal to enlarge the EU through a series of membership types, stating that it is a good way to structure the European political community in various areas, such as security, climate change, currency, and visa-free travel. He compared the process to entering a home from the courtyard to the living room, where everyone is under the same roof and not separate. Rama’s comments come just days before the Berlin Summit, which will focus on the prospects of the summit, EU enlargement, and the ongoing conflict between Kosovo and Serbia.

Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Rama, has expressed his disapproval of the possibility of accession negotiations with Ukraine and Moldova at the end of the year. He believes that while Ukraine and Moldova would benefit from gaining candidate status, they cannot join before the EU. Rama also mentioned that the Berlin Summit, which was drafted long ago, does not allow for other topics to be put on the agenda. However, he did mention that the leader’s lunch will be a chance for bilateral meetings.

As the EU-backed dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia faces challenges such as limited results, accusations of bias, and the terrorist attack in north Kosovo, some have proposed new approaches. Rama proposed transforming the EU-backed dialogue process into a regional conference, incorporating regional input, incorporating current dialogue, and involving “big shots” with the same agenda and goal.

However, Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Donika Gervalla Schwartz called Rama’s idea “dangerous” and said it would take Kosovo back to the 2000s before its independence was established. Rama dismissed this idea, stating that the “very little progress” made by Brussels so far is not just about results but also that things are getting more tense and dangerous.

Serbia’s Prime Minister, Rama, has criticized Kosovo for not pushing forward with the ‘Franco-German’ plan, arguing that it is the best deal for Kosovo and de facto recognition. Rama believes that Kosovo should take the opportunity to move forward with the plan, as Serbia lost the war and is less interested in peace than those who have won it. He also expressed doubts about Serbia’s involvement in the September attack in Kosovo and the need for a full investigation.

Rama argued that President Aleksander Vučić should have condemned the attack, the killing of a policeman, and initiated a thorough investigation. He emphasized the importance of putting the facts on the table to prevent speculation and ensure the process is not undermined by speculation. Rama believes that Serbia should not have a hand in the September attack.

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