Red Sea’s Secrets: Insights from the Ghost of Richelieu

The author recalls holding a séance with Richelieu’s Ghost in Paris, where he was summoned by the Cardinal. He bought a magnum of Chateau Petrus and walked through the Parisian netherworld, passing through 19th-century brickwork, medieval stonework, and Roman ruins. He reached the secret ossuary of the Carthusian monks, where he found the Ghost of Richelieu, humming “Thank Heaven for Little Girls.”

The Ghost of Richelieu asked the author one question, which was “What should the United States do about Iran?” The Ghost of Richelieu retorted that that was the wrong question. The author asked the Ghost of Richelieu another question, which was “What should the Americans do about the South China Sea?” The United States cannot produce enough weapons to fight the Russians, especially the Chinese, as its Ukrainian proxy has run out of artillery shells.

The Russians are firing 6,000 shells a day, but Ukraine has run out of air defense missiles, making it difficult for Russia to target their targets. The author concludes that the right question is “What should the Americans do about the South China Sea?”

The US military is facing a shortage of weapons to defend its ships and commercial vessels against obsolete anti-ship missiles and primitive Iranian drones, resulting in American warships defending themselves but not their freighters. This will soon lead to a shortage of munitions and a sinking of America’s credibility.

China suffers from an interruption of its trade as well, as it believes that America is determined to suppress its economy and bring down its political system. China has built thousands of missiles, planes, and submarines to prevent this, and by bumbling into the Red Sea, the US has given China a gift from heaven. China can observe the performance of American weapons against missiles and drones that Iran manufactures from Chinese components and gives to the Houthis in actual engagements, not Potemkin Village tests staged by defense contractors.

A Washington think tank conducted a wargame with China a year ago, where the US exhausted its supply of anti-ship missiles in a week. This suggests that America has stumbled into a dress-rehearsal for war in the South China Sea.

The ghost of Richelieu explains that the Red Sea maritime incident is not related to Gaza or Iran but serves to provide China with intelligence on the American navy and humiliate the Americans when they abandon their deployment.

This will allow China to notice the trade loss and inform the Iranians to tell the Houthis to stand down. The ghost exults that everything will happen, with Washington exacting Nibelungentreue from European leaders, who are hanging onto their jobs by their fingernails.

The German Chancellor and French President will soon survive the humiliation in Ukraine, and American influence will go the way of the Spanish after the Treaty of the Pyrenees. The ghost repeats the stupidity of Austrians and Spanish, who began the Thirty Years’ War with twice the population of France and the wealth of a global empire. The ghost asks Eminence if there will be war with China, and the ghost cackles, making the pounding between the ears excruciating.

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