Russia: Army and state governors support Vladimir Putin

A 24-hour mutiny by mercenaries in Russia has ended without any bloodshed. The heavily armed mercenaries marching towards Moscow are now again ready to fight the war on the Ukrainian front. Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the private army Wagner Group and leader of the rebellion, has surrendered and taken refuge in Belarus.

After the mediation of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko, a deal was reached between Russia’s military leadership and Prigozhin and Prigozhin was pardoned on the condition that he would leave the country. Prigozhin claimed that his troops had reached 200 km from Russian Moscow. Prigozhin stated that he did not want to shed the blood of the Russian people and therefore asked his men to withdraw.

Rebels bow down to Putin’s tough stance

On the other hand, it is also clear that the head of the Wagner Group was disheartened by the harsh attitude of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had been adopting a soft attitude towards the Wagner Group till now and was looking for a middle ground. The Russian army launched airstrikes on armed rebels marching towards Moscow, and heavy machine guns and weapons were deployed on the outskirts of Moscow to deal with the rebels.

Along with this, the army the governors of all the states and other responsible officials etc. had expressed full faith in Putin. This also shattered Prigozhin’s hope that he would get any kind of massive public support or support from other officials due to the growing discontent in Russia due to the Ukraine war.

The road will not be easy for Prigozhin in Belarus

It is worth noting that since the announcement of Prigozhin’s surrender and asylum in Belarus by the Kremlin, there has been no statement from the Wagner Group chief. This behaviour of Prigozhin, who has openly criticized his outspoken statements and the Russian military leadership, is not normal.

It is also not clear whether Prigozhin is still in Belarus. At the same time, it is also certain that the road will not be easy for Prigozhin in Belarus as well. Belarus President Lukashenko has been in power since 1994 and is known as Europe’s last dictator. Therefore, it is even less likely that any bigoted rhetoric or anti-regime action from the Wagner chief will be tolerated there.

Wagner’s deal with America behind the rebellion

According to media reports, there was a secret deal between Prigozhin and America regarding this rebellion. Prigozhin, who was once Putin’s most trusted man, did not suddenly open the front, but there was a well-planned conspiracy behind it. It is being said that from Sudan to African countries like Libya, Mali, etc., fighters of the Wagner group are stationed.

These fighters are engaged in carrying out gold and other types of mining work here. Here the Wagner Group Africa helps dictators in exchange for resources and diplomatic support. It is through them that some kind of deal has been done between America and the Wagner Group.

Russia’s foreign minister reached China

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko has arrived in Beijing for talks with China on international issues amid a major challenge to Putin’s authority from Russian mercenaries. Rudenko discussed a range of issues in a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang at a meeting in the Chinese capital on Sunday. The Foreign Ministry of China has given this information.

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