Russia-China Naval Exercise: Russia and China’s Navy conducted manoeuvres In East China Sea


Russia and China have concluded a week-long naval exercise in the East China Sea. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the two countries held manoeuvres involving capturing an enemy submarine and attacking the ship with artillery.

Chinese news agency Xinhua said that on December 21-27, a manoeuvre called ‘Maritime Interaction-2022’ took place. Russia’s Pacific (Pacific) fleet also participated in this. The agency said the manoeuvres were carried out in the waters of Zhoushan and Taizhou in China’s Zhejiang province. If we talk about the location of this place, then it is a part between Taiwan and Japan.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, warships of the Pacific Fleet and naval forces of the People’s Liberation Army of China carried out practical tasks during the bilateral naval exercises.

The ministry said that the ships of both countries detected and attacked a target in the water through anti-submarine ships. The ministry also released a video related to this exercise, in which Russian sailors are firing missiles along with their Chinese counterparts.

French Defense Minister arrives in Ukraine

Russia may be conducting manoeuvres in the China Sea, but in another way, they are also fighting a war with Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Defense Minister of France has reached Ukraine.

France’s defence minister arrived in the capital Kyiv on Wednesday to discuss further military aid to Ukraine. French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu has arrived in the Ukrainian capital after a visit to Poland. Earlier on Tuesday, he announced the sale of two French-made satellites to Poland.

In Kyiv, Lecornu paid tribute to the Ukrainian people who had lost their lives defending the country from Russian aggression by paying respects at a monument to the heroes.

France helping Ukraine

He is also scheduled to meet Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov and other military officials.

Although France has been less vocal than Britain and the US in providing military support to Ukraine, it has continued to supply arms to Ukraine since the Russian invasion on 24 February.

France also hosted two aid conferences for Ukraine this month. But many Ukrainians have been critical of the French government’s response, as President Emmanuel Macron made efforts to maintain contact with Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged a negotiated solution.

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