Russia is Preparing for Nuclear Conflict

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the West that his country is prepared for nuclear war and would view any US troop deployment to Ukraine as a major escalation. He stated that from a military-technical point of view, Russia is ready, but does not see a need for it.

Putin’s remarks come just days before the Russian Presidential Election, which is expected to grant him six more years in power. He emphasized that if the US sends troops to Russia or Ukraine, it would be seen as an intervention.

However, Putin said there are enough analysts in the US to gauge the situation.

Putin has reassured the US about Russia’s readiness for increased involvement in Ukraine, contrasting with Soviet leaders’ cautious approach. He has issued warnings to deter increased involvement, but the White House claims no significant changes have occurred since the war began.

Putin’s nuclear doctrine outlines when nuclear weapons would be used, and Russia is prepared for negotiations on Ukraine, but should focus on reality rather than psychotropic drug cravings.

The US Central Intelligence Agency Director William Burns warned that if the West doesn’t provide proper support for Ukraine, Kyiv would lose more territory to Russia, which would embolden Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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