Russia shaken by Ukraine’s drone attack on Moscow


The continuous drone attacks on the capital Moscow in the early hours of Sunday have shaken Russia. Alam was that Russia had to temporarily close one of the four airports in a hurry. One person has also been injured in these attacks. The Russian Defense Ministry has called it a terrorist attack from Ukraine.

The ministry said three drones targeted the city. One was shot down by the defence system over the Moscow region, while two others were jammed and both crashed in the Moscow City business district. Some pictures of this attack have come to the fore. A damaged skyscraper is visible in these pictures. The attacks damaged two buildings in the Moscow City district, while a security guard was injured. Due to this, the movement of aircraft at Vnukovo airport was stopped for about an hour, according to the Tash agency.

Ukraine may be doing counter-attack against Russia but it has never confirmed these attacks from its side. On the other hand, Putin, talking to reporters about the African Summit in St. Petersburg, said that he has never been against peace initiatives, but when Ukraine’s army is carrying out large-scale attacks, Russia’s army cannot call for a ceasefire. Putin said any initiative can become the basis of peace.

Saudi Arabia will host peace talks organized by Kyiv early next month amid the Russia-Ukraine war. India can also be involved in this. However, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine have not yet officially confirmed this. The summit will take place in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah. India, Brazil, South Africa and many other countries will participate in it along with Ukraine. At the same time, a high official of Biden’s administration is also likely to attend the meeting.

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