Russia-Ukraine War: Russia’s third airstrike on Ukraine in six days, dark again in Kyiv


On Sunday evening, Ukraine’s capital Kyiv was restored to power supply disrupted for weeks, but a few hours later the Russian attacks (Russia Ukraine War) again established darkness there. The Russian military attacked power plants in and around Kyiv with Iranian suicide drones. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has reached ally Belarus and has met his counterpart Alexander Lukashenko there. It is noteworthy that in Belarus, the army there is conducting maneuvers with Russian troops.

Russia’s third attack in six days

This was Russia’s third attack on Kyiv in the last six days. The main targets of attack were power plants and power grids. The Kyiv administration has told that out of 23 attacking drones, 18 were shot down in the sky itself. The attacks, which have been going on since October, have been Russia’s attempt to damage Ukraine’s electrical system as much as possible in order to force Ukraine to surrender in the bitter cold weather.

Ukrainian army also retaliated

Ukraine’s national power grid operator UkraineIrgo said the situation is most worrying at the moment in the country’s central, eastern and Dnipro regions. Meanwhile, there is news of Ukrainian army attack on Russia’s border area of Belgorod. The Russian Defense Ministry has said that in the last 24 hours four American missiles have been shot down here. The European Union has agreed to fix the price of Russian gas on Monday night as per Indian time. Price will be announced soon. Russia has condemned the union’s decision and announced not to accept it.

Zelensky described Bakhmut’s situation as worrying

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has described the situation in the strategically important city of Bakhmut in Donetsk province as worrying. It is said that we have control over the city, but none of the roof walls have survived from the attacks of the Russian army. The entire city has been reduced to ruins and ashes. Zelensky asked leaders of Western countries meeting in Latvia to demand more weapons.

Putin and Lukashenko discuss Ukraine

Russian President Putin arrived in Belarus on Monday to meet Lukashenko, who provided his land to the Russian army for the attack on Ukraine. Lukashenko has ruled out the possibility of the Belarusian army entering Ukraine. But according to Serhiy Nayev, the commander of the Ukrainian forces, the Ukraine war will also be discussed in the top-level talks.

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