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Russian Peacekeeping Force in Karabakh: Armenia’s Concerns

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the West of attempting to dismantle Russia’s efforts to normalize relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Lavrov cited several high-level agreements between Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Russia, which defined key parameters of the settlement, including the border delimitation, unblocking trade and transport routes, and signing a peace treaty.

However, Lavrov criticized Western colleagues for focusing on Russia’s progress and attracting Armenians and Azerbaijanis to various European cities, including Brussels, Paris, Washington, and Prague. In 2022, Armenia’s Prime Minister signed a document recognizing Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity within the 1991 borders in the Czech Republic.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast, previously known as Karabakh, is now an integral part of Azerbaijan, according to a statement by Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister, Lavrov. The decision came as a surprise as the Prime Minister of Armenia had previously discussed the status of Karabakh on his own.

Lavrov also mentioned that Russian peacekeepers, who were deployed in 2020 to ensure Armenian safety, are still present. The issue is now a matter of bilateral relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, with the presidents agreeing that the presence of Russian peacekeepers strengthens stability, trust, and facilitates the return of Karabakh residents.

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