Foreign Affairs
“Strategic Significance of Sino-Arab Relations”

Cairo, Egypt

Arab Parliament Speaker Adel Al Asoomi has emphasized the strategic importance of Arab-Chinese relations, stating that China has distinguished ties with all Arab countries. The speaker, who is affiliated with the Arab League (AL), visited China in late August to discuss inter-parliamentary cooperation.

Al Asoomi expressed support for China’s presence in Arab countries due to its positive approach to dealing with other countries and commitment to international conventions, laws, and norms, including non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs.

The sixth China-Arab States Expo took place in Yinchuan, China’s capital, as a platform for China and Arab states to promote pragmatic cooperation. The biennial event attracted representatives from 14 governments, 13 international and regional organizations, foreign institutions in China, and over 60 foreign business associations and enterprises. Al Asoomi cited China’s cooperation with Egypt in building Egypt’s new administrative capital city as an example of China’s positive support for the Arab peoples.

Both sides have long histories and ancient civilizations, and both view China as a friendly country that supports Arab states. China and the AL have long-standing cooperation, with the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum being an important platform for collective dialogue and cooperation. The Arab Parliament is supportive and optimistic about the Arab-Chinese partnership, expressing confidence that their cooperation will achieve further positive results.

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