Two Indian fighter jets crash

by Hiten Ghosh
Indian fighter jets crash

Two Indian Air Force fighter jets have crashed in an apparent mid-air collision while on exercises around 300 kilometers south of the capital New Delhi, police at the crash point have said.

” We’ve located the wreckage of one of the airplanes and set up an injured airman in the Parhadgarh timbers,” officer Dharmender Gaur told AFP news agency on Saturday. ” The other airplane has probably fallen further down from the point and we’ve transferred brigades to detect it.” The crash is the rearmost in a string of aeronautics accidents involving India’s military air fleet.

Five army soldiers were killed last October when their copter crashed in Arunachal Pradesh state, near the country’s re-equipped and disputed border with China. It was the alternate military eggbeater crash in the state that month, coming weeks after a Cheetah copter came down near the city of Tawang, killing its airman.

India’s defence chief, General Bipin Rawat, was among 13 people killed when his Russian- made Mi- 17 copter crashed while transporting him to an air force base in December 2021.

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