Ukraine accuses Western countries delay counterattacks on Russia


Ukraine, which has been facing Russian aggression for more than sixteen months, has blamed Western countries for the delay in retaliating. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who is on a tour of war zones, has said after meeting soldiers that it took four months to retaliate because of slow arms supplies from Western countries.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year. Ukraine has been facing this attack for more than sixteen months. Ukraine is getting full support from the Western countries, but now the Ukrainian President has accuses the Western countries for the delay in the retaliatory attack on Russia. Zelensky said retaliatory action against Russia could begin in June after the attack in February, whereas he had called for retaliatory action to be launched much earlier. Due to delayed action, Russia strengthened its position in the captured cities.

Zelensky said our counter-offensive is slowing down because of some difficulties on the battlefield. Heavy mining has been done there. He said that I wanted our counter-attack to happen much earlier because everyone understands that if the counter-attack happens later, a large part of the area can be mined. Expressing gratitude to the leaders and America who supported Ukraine, he also raised questions. He said that it is also true that I had told the US and European leaders before the retaliatory strike that more lives could be lost due to a lack of supplies. So we would like to launch our counterattack first and for this, we will need all the weapons and materials.

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