Ukraine caught Russian informer


These days Ukraine is showing aggression against Russia. Ukraine has detained a Russian informant. Ukraine claims that the informer was on the lookout for airstrikes. However, the detained female informer has not yet disclosed her name.

According to a media Report, the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) reported that a Russian informant has been detained on Monday. The accused was in the air during a visit by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the Mykolaiv region. The alleged informant was gathering intelligence ahead of the Ukrainian president’s visit.

The woman was visiting all the routes and areas of the Yatra and collecting information there. The SBU says she lived in the city of Ochakov in southern Ukraine. She has also worked as a saleswoman in a military store. The woman had also videographed the area the President would visit. SBU agents got information about the incident, after which the attack was foiled by the team.

Recently, Ukraine launched a drone attack on Russia. Ukraine targeted one of Russia’s largest tankers in the attack. Giving information, an official of the Ukrainian security service said that a drone armed with 450 kg of TNT attacked the Russian-flagged Sig ship. Ukraine claimed the tanker was carrying fuel for the Russian military and that some people on board were injured.

However, the Russian Maritime and River Transport Agency says that no one was hurt due to the attack. Sig was not transporting oil during the attack. According to experts, it will be challenging for Ukraine to challenge Russia’s naval power in the Black Sea. Russia has 50 warships and seven submarines besides a large number of support vessels in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian fleet cannot stand anywhere in front of the Russian fleet.

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