UK’s Royal Navy, Spy Aircraft and Marines Bolster Israel’s Defense

Britain is sending two Royal Navy ships, RAF surveillance aircraft, and marines to the eastern Mediterranean to provide backup amid the Israel-Hamas war.

The deployment aims to offer deterrence and assurance to Israel and regional partners, while Boeing P8 spy planes will begin patrols to track threats to regional stability.

The Royal Navy task group will arrive next week as a contingency measure to support humanitarian efforts.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ordered military forces in Israel, Cyprus, and the region to be reinforced to support contingency planning and neighboring countries’ efforts to deal with potential spillover from Israel’s instability.

Prime Minister Sunak vowed to prevent the repetition of the horrific scenes seen in Israel following the Hamas terrorist attack. He stated that the deployment of the world-class military will support regional stability and prevent further escalation.

The military and diplomatic teams will also assist international partners in re-establishing security and ensuring humanitarian aid reaches the thousands of innocent victims.

The Foreign Office is chartering flights to evacuate British citizens stranded in Israel after eight airlines suspended flights. However, no flights have taken off as of Friday morning, indicating a “fluid” situation.

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