US Announces $345 Million in military aid to Taiwan


The US has announced a $345 million military aid package for Taiwan. Under this, many types of weapons, anti-aircraft systems and deadly drones are included. The dragon is furious when Taiwan receives US military aid. Taiwan has been China’s sore vein since the beginning. After this, China openly opposes any foreign relations with Taiwan. China has already warned the US about providing military aid to Taiwan. However, seeing the preparations of the Chinese Army in recent times, there is a possibility of an attack on Taiwan.

US President Joe Biden’s administration said the military package to Taiwan would include defence supplies, military education and training. The White House announcement did not elaborate on the weapons or equipment to be provided, but media reports quoted the official as saying the supplies included portable air defence systems and reconnaissance equipment. Taiwan had handed over the list to the Biden administration several months ago regarding the purchase of these weapons. It also included the Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System.

On the American announcement, China has given a strong reaction and said that if needed, we are not going to back down from including Taiwan by force. Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington, said the US should stop selling arms to Taiwan and stop creating new factors that could lead to tensions in the Taiwan Strait. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has also expressed strong displeasure over the US giving arms to Taiwan. The Ministry has threatened that America is playing with fire, in which it can burn itself.

The US does not officially recognize Taiwan. Currently, only 13 countries in the world accept Taiwan as a country. However, Taiwan is connected to countries around the world by the name of Trade Office, which includes India. Seeing Taiwan’s foreign connectivity, China has intensified military intrusion. Chinese fighter aircraft and warships are continuously infiltrating Taiwan. For this reason, Taiwan is busy increasing its security. Meanwhile, China conducted a major military exercise near Taiwan earlier this month.

TaiwanUSUS Announces $345 Million in military aid to Taiwan