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US interests in Bangladesh, frequent ministerial visits


In Bangladesh Among continuing complaints of United States interference in politics, it has been announced that US Deputy Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Democracy, and Human Rights Ujra Zeya and US Deputy Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu will visit Dhaka from July 11 to 14. Will travel Bangladesh’s Foreign Secretary Masood Bin Momin himself has accepted that the issue of Bangladesh’s next general election may also arrive up for discussion during the visit of the two US ministers. He said that apart from this, issues of mutual interest of both countries will be discussed.

Recently, the US has continuously interfered in the internal politics of Bangladesh. He has raised questions about the fairness of the next general election. Apart from this, US officials have not only given statements regarding alleged human rights abuses in Bangladesh and the condition of press freedom in the country but have also been involved in some activities inside Bangladesh. In one case, the US ambassador in Dhaka visited the house of an opposition leader who had ‘disappeared’, which was strongly objected to by Bangladesh’s Sheikh Hasina Wazed government.

It is now reported that Anjali Kaur, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Asia, Bureau of Asia, a US government aid body, will also visit Bangladesh along with Uzra Zeya and Donald Lu. Briefing reporters here about the visit, Foreign Secretary Masood bin Momine said on Thursday, “During the visit of the high-level American team, many issues will be discussed.” The issue of elections may also come up for discussion, we are not ruling out this possibility.’ Momin said human rights, the return of Rohingya refugees, trade, labour, and other issues of mutual interest would also be discussed with the US delegation. Will be

Momin was asked whether the American team is coming only for talks on elections. To this, he said – I have no such information. But I can say that there is a system of bilateral dialogue between the two countries and this visit is a part of that.

Recently, several senior US officials have visited Dhaka. US Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland was here on a three-day visit in March. Donald Lu also visited Bangladesh earlier this year. Lu is said to have played a major role in deciding the policy towards Bangladesh under the administration of President Joe Biden in the US. It was Donald Lu, who announced the new US visa policy for Bangladesh in May this year. The US had introduced this policy as a concession to Bangladesh.

It has been told by the Bangladesh government that the US team coming next week will also visit the Rohingya refugee camps present in the country.

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