Vladimir Putin owner of immense wealth, such is his salary and lifestyle

Putin Net Worth: Russian President Vladimir Putin is always in the headlines, but for the last one year, he has come to the center of international political discussion. On February 24, the Russian army attacked Ukraine, since then Putin has been continuously in the news.

Many experts believe that the Russia-Ukraine war can take the form of a major global crisis. America and its supporting western countries have imposed various sanctions on Russia, but all these do not seem to have any effect on Putin.

Various types of news related to Putin’s personal life have been coming in the international media after the war, which have often been related to his health, wealth and daily life. Today we will tell you about Putin’s property.

According to media reports, Putin is the owner of immense wealth. According to the news published in the British news website Mirror, Putin has assets worth thousands millions.

Stately Palace

Putin has a luxurious palace known as ‘Putin’s Palace’. Its value is said to be 74 billion rupees. This bridge built on the Black Sea coast of Russia has many luxury facilities.

It is said that there are facilities like a wine cellar, a theater and a club for pole dancing inside the palace. Also there is a swimming pool made of marble. The swimming pool was decorated with statues of Greek gods.

Putin owns immense wealth

Putin has many luxurious superyachts. The name of the most luxurious superyacht is ‘Graceful’. Its value is said to be 750 billions .

It is said that Putin has 19 houses, 43 aircraft, 15 helicopters, 700 cars and a collection of dozens of expensive watches worth Rs 3 crore. He is also fond of keeping exotic pets.

The cost of the ‘Flying Kremlin’ to Putin is said to be 3,000 millions . According to media reports, this aircraft has a toilet made of gold, which alone is worth more than 35 million . It also has gym, bar, 3 bedrooms.

According to the website caknowledge, Putin’s annual salary is now 1.40 millions dollars i.e. about 1.05 millions. This website monitors the net worth of popular celebrities.

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