What danger of nuclear war in Russia-Ukraine war?

In the ongoing war between Russia-Ukraine for the last 523 days, thousands of soldiers from both sides have died so far. Ukraine, which was on the defensive in the initial months of the war, is now seen retaliating against Russia. But in the last few weeks, the heat of this war has been seen reaching the capital of Russia, Moscow. The latest case is of a drone attack on two multi-storey buildings located in Moscow, due to which the front parts of these buildings were damaged. One person has died in this attack. Not only this but due to this drone attack, the operation at an airport in Moscow had to be stopped for some time.

The heat of this war that started against Ukraine in February last year seems to be reaching inside Russia as well. This year, there have been more than 120 suspicious drone attacks on Russia and territory under its control. At the same time, the capital Moscow has been made a victim of drone attacks five times since the war, which started in the last week of May. The first of these attacks took place on 30 May in which eight drone aircraft were used. The second attack was carried out on July 4 in which five drone aircraft were used.

The third attack was carried out on 24 July in which two drone aircraft were used. At the same time, the fourth attack was carried out on July 30, in which five drone aircraft were used. On this attack, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that three drones have been dropped on Sunday and two drones collided with commercial buildings. Russia has blamed Ukraine for this attack. However, Ukraine has not claimed responsibility for the attack. But after this drone attack, aggressive statements have been issued from both sides.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said that an attack on Russian soil ‘had to happen’. This is a ‘natural and fair process’ in the ongoing war between the two countries. Not only this, in a video address from Ukraine’s western city of Ivano-Frankivsk on the day of the attack, Zelenskyy said that Ukraine is getting stronger. He said, “Today is the 522nd day of the so-called ‘special military operation’, which Russia thought would end in a few weeks.” This type of comment has not been made before by Zelenskyy regarding the earlier drone attacks on Moscow. In such a situation, such statements are being seen as their new strategy.

But the question arises that in which direction this war is going now… because on the one hand, despite the support of Western countries, Ukraine is not getting the expected success. At the same time, Russia also does not seem to be able to bring this war to a turning point. Some people are also calling it a war of attrition or a war of nerves. Ukraine had started a new campaign against Russia last month, in which they did not get the expected success. At the same time, missile attacks are being done from Russia. But neither of the two sides can establish its supremacy. Both are saying such things against each other and it seems that they are not ready to back down. In this war, Ukraine is saying that the atmosphere of peace will not be ready until Russia leaves its land.

By occupying 20 per cent of Ukraine’s land, Russia has declared some areas under its control as Russian territory. But when both countries are not able to take this struggle to a decisive turn, then what is the reason for such aggressive statements? The expected success in the retaliatory action being taken by Ukraine. In such a situation, there is a change in his strategy, under which he wants to put maximum pressure on Russia. So that if there is any talk of reconciliation or negotiation, Russia will also be under pressure during this process. Like trying to increase attacks in Kerch Bridge and Sevastapool. On the other hand, the residential areas of Moscow are being targeted by drones. These are two new changes in Ukraine’s strategy.

This is a very dangerous turn in this whole war because till now residential and civilian areas were not targeted. But now you are repeatedly seeing drone attacks in Moscow. Because of this, there is a lot of anxiety and panic among the people of Moscow. This is also putting pressure on the Putin government as to how to stop these attacks. But there is a problem in this that these drones are probably not coming from Ukraine. Rather, it is being done by people living around Moscow who are either pro-Ukraine or anti-Putin elements. But when it comes to retaliating after such attacks, targeting residential buildings is one of the options.

Dmitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has issued a statement on his social media account that “Imagine if the NATO-backed invasion succeeds and they manage to capture our territory, we will destroy nuclear weapons as per the decree of the Russian President. Will be forced to use.” “With no choice left, our enemies should wish that our soldiers succeed. They are making sure that nuclear war does not start all over the world.” Medvedev’s statement is a reference to Russia’s nuclear doctrine, according to which if a war with conventional weapons Due to this, if there is a threat to the existence of Russia, then nuclear weapons can be used.

If there is a nuclear attack, the whole world will isolate Russia. The countries which support him indirectly now, especially China and India will also not be able to stand with him. In such a situation, it is just like a threat that if Russia is surrounded or NATO joins this war, then it becomes a possibility. If this does not happen, the apprehensions of nuclear war do not arise.

The same goes for Ukraine as well as NATO. NATO is being very careful in this whole matter. and wants to behave. Because he thinks that as long as this war is going on in Ukraine it is fine. The chances of using nuclear weapons are slim. But despite this, if these weapons are used, then it will affect the countries near Ukraine. And NATO is worried about this.

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