What is Pegasus Spyware? Check your phone less!

In Greek mythology, Pegasus is an air-winged horse. But in the present age of information technology, the introduction of Pegasus has changed.

Pegasus is the name of one such dangerous software that is used for espionage. This spy software has caused a stir worldwide and is discussed in the media, parliament and courts of the world.

There are various types of spyware i.e. Spy viruses (software) used worldwide, but Pegasus has been discussed the most. Israel’s NSO Group developed the spy software. This software will be installed secretly on the user’s phones and the user does not even need to click on it to install it.

That is, the biggest feature of this spy software is its Zero Click Exploit. Both Android and iOS smartphones were affected by this spyware. It could easily attack iOS 14.7 version. Pegasus could do all kinds of spying on any user’s phone.

The Pegasus

There is a story behind the name of this spy software Pegasus. Pegasus is the name of a horse in Greek mythology that has wings. And, the current Pegasus is a Trojan horse computer virus that can enter any device without the user’s knowledge. This software looks for vulnerabilities in the device and exploits them to attack the device.

With the help of Pegasus, if you can read someone’s text messages, it also tracks calls. It also steals passwords, tracks the location and establishes access to microphones and cameras. Pegasus spyware was discovered in 2016 after its installation failed on a phone.

How was Pegasus caught?

After all, the question of how so much hi-tech software was caught naturally comes up. Due to a mistake, this software came to the eyes of the world.

In August 2016, Arab-based human rights activist Ahmet Mansoor received a text message. In the secret message that came to him, it was mentioned about the torture of the prisoners in the prisons of UAE. Mansoor sent the link to the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto in Canada. During the investigation at Citizen Lab, it was revealed that spyware was hidden in the link that came with the text message. This method of infecting any phone with a virus is called social engineering.

Don’t you have software like Pegasus on your phone?

Catching Pegasus is a very difficult task. But if you pay attention to some things, you can detect the spyware virus on your phone. The most important sign of this is the increased battery life and data consumption.

Since the spy software that is installed on the phone is activated every time, it affects the battery and data consumption.

On the other hand, this spyware sends the data obtained after spying to the hacker or the main server. This process consumes a lot of data. So if the phone consumes a lot of data, you can assume that there is spyware.

Also, even if the camera or microphone is activated on your phone, you can assume that the phone is infected with a virus. This feature is available in the latest versions of Android and iOS software.

Having storage and unknown apps is also a sign of the presence of spyware. If you see apps that you have never downloaded on your phone, you can estimate that your phone has been attacked by a spyware virus.

Don't you have software like Pegasus on your phone?How was Pegasus caught?PegasusPegasus SpywareWhat is Pegasus Spyware? Check your phone less!