What is the Defence relation between India and UAE?

In a rapidly changing global geopolitical landscape, defence cooperation and strategic partnerships have become vital for countries seeking to secure their national interests and ensure regional stability. One such dynamic alliance exists between India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), characterized by growing defence collaboration and shared security concerns. Over the years, India and the UAE have fostered a robust defence relationship marked by mutual trust, cooperation, and strategic engagement. Defence cooperation between India and the UAE, examining the driving factors behind this partnership, joint exercises, defence procurement, and prospects.

The diplomatic relations between India and the UAE date back several decades. However, defence cooperation gained momentum in the late 1990s with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Defense Cooperation in 1998. This agreement laid the foundation for a comprehensive partnership encompassing military training, joint exercises, defence technology, and intelligence sharing. In subsequent years, defence ties between the two nations witnessed significant expansion.

Joint Exercises and Training

India and the UAE have conducted several joint military exercises to enhance interoperability and tactical cooperation between their armed forces. The naval exercise “Gulf Star” and the air force exercise “Desert Eagle” are notable examples of such joint endeavours. These exercises facilitate the exchange of best practices, knowledge sharing, and the development of joint operational strategies. They also help in building trust and camaraderie among the personnel of both nations, contributing to regional stability.

Defence Procurement

Defence procurement has been a crucial aspect of the India-UAE defence relationship. The UAE has emerged as a significant buyer of Indian defence equipment, including helicopters, armoured vehicles, naval vessels, and ammunition. The Indian defence industry has played a crucial role in meeting the UAE’s defence requirements, with Indian companies successfully participating in competitive bids and winning contracts.

Additionally, the UAE has shown interest in India’s indigenously developed defence technology, including missile systems, radars, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This highlights the growing confidence of the UAE in India’s defence capabilities and the potential for future collaboration in research and development.

Strategic Cooperation and Counterterrorism Efforts

India and the UAE share common security concerns, particularly in the areas of counterterrorism and regional stability. Both countries have been victims of terrorist activities and recognize the need for a coordinated approach to combat this threat. Intelligence sharing, joint counterterrorism operations, and capacity-building initiatives have been at the core of their collaborative efforts. The UAE’s strategic location as a regional hub has been instrumental in curbing the flow of illicit funds and weapons, thus preventing terrorist organizations from exploiting financial networks.

Future Prospects

The defence relationship between India and the UAE is poised for further growth and diversification. As both nations continue to modernize their armed forces and enhance their defence capabilities, opportunities for collaboration in areas such as cybersecurity, space technology, and maritime security are likely to expand. Joint research and development initiatives, defence industry partnerships, and increased defence trade are expected to feature prominently in the future.

Moreover, India’s “Make in India” initiative and the UAE’s focus on developing a robust defence industry present significant scope for collaboration and technology transfer. Such collaborations would not only strengthen the defence ties but also contribute to the economic growth of both countries.

The defence relationship between India and the UAE has evolved into a comprehensive partnership, underpinned by shared security concerns and mutual trust. The collaboration in joint exercises, defence procurement, and counterterrorism efforts has enhanced the strategic depth of this relationship. As both countries forge ahead with their defence modernization plans, the prospects for this alliance look promising, with potential opportunities for further cooperation and strategic engagement in diverse areas of defence and security.

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