Who is this mysterious woman often seen behind Vladimir Putin?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation during the New Year. During this, a woman standing behind him caught everyone’s attention. This mysterious woman has been seen many times with Putin.

The great thing is that this woman has appeared with Putin in a different role every time. In the latest picture, this woman was seen in military dress. Earlier this woman was seen wearing a sailor’s dress with Putin on a boat.

In another photo, the woman was seen standing behind Putin during a christening ceremony at the Russian Orthodox Church. In such a situation, this woman is being discussed a lot on social media.

Woman is seen in military dress at New Year’s address

During his annual New Year’s address on January 1, 2023, Putin stood behind him 20 Russian soldiers who fought in the war in Ukraine. A Russian woman was also included in these 20 soldiers.

It was told that these are the soldiers who have been rewarded for showing extraordinary bravery in the war. Putin said during this time that the war was imposed on his country. The western country had put pressure on Russia to either surrender everything or fight. In such a situation, he decided to send an army to Ukraine to protect Russia. Putin praised these 20 soldiers standing behind and said that as long as we have people like you… surely nothing can be left.

Has been seen before as a church and a sailor

Another video showed the woman posing as a sailor alongside Putin. During this, Vladimir Putin was also present on that fishing boat.

This woman was seen standing right next to Putin on that boat wearing a waterproof jacket. Even before this, such propaganda has been seen in many films. This woman was also seen for the third time during prayer in a church. Then she covered her head with a white scarf-like cloth. Along with that woman, many other people were also seen standing behind Putin and posing for photographs.

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Who is this mystery woman

Many people on the Internet have identified this mysterious woman as Larisa Sergukhina. Larisa Sergukhina is a member of the regional Duma commission.

However, several other users have claimed that the woman is an actor who is specially called for such shoots. Many users have alleged that Putin is using paid actors to make himself appear powerful. He claimed that during Putin’s address on January 1, the people standing behind in military dress were also paid, actors.

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