Why did Google change privacy policy?

Google has recently announced that company uses your information to improve its services and products. That is, whatever data is publicly available on the Internet, it can be used.

Information about users on the Internet can be used to train Google’s AI models. Google will use the information available on the Internet for its products such as Bard, Google Translate and Cloud AI capability.

Last year, ChatGPT, the popular chatbot model of US-based AI startup company OpenAI, was introduced. This chatbot became the favourite model of internet users in the initial months. The speciality of ChatGPT is that it generates human-like text for the users.

How do AI models generate answers?

Here you shoot a question and immediately the answer is on your screen. Google’s AI model Bard is also now enticing users. Have you ever wondered where AI chatbots like Bard and ChatGPT are generating answers to user questions? The answer is clear, whatever information is available on the World Wide Web, only that is being used.

AI-based chatbot models use databases available in the public domain to model user queries. In this episode, now the popular tech company Google has changed its privacy policy for the user.

What is web scraping?

This is not Google’s own AI model issue. Generative AI models collect data through web scraping. The process of using information available on the Internet for data sources is called web scraping. Depending on the user’s needs, and the questions that are asked in real-time, generative models search for useful information from the information available in the online source and present it on your user’s screen.

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