Why did Sheikh Hasina Praise India on Voting Day?

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her gratitude to India for its support during the 1971 Liberation War and for providing shelter after the loss of her family in 1975. She recounted the horrors of her family’s massacre in 1975 and lived in exile in India for years before returning to Bangladesh and taking over the Awami League.

As Bangladesh goes to the polls, Hasina emphasized the importance of democracy for the country’s development and the democratic rights established by her government in recent years. She wished India the best in the upcoming general elections.

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Hasina has emphasized the country’s sovereignty, independence, and democratic rights, stating that without democracy, development cannot occur. She praised the country’s long-term democratic system from 2009 to 2023 for its achievements.

Hasina also praised the government’s efforts in creating an environment for people to vote, despite obstacles. She expressed gratitude to the people for their awareness of voting rights and the need for polls.

However, she accused the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) of inciting violence and opposing the development of the people. She accused BNP and Jamat of not believing in democracy, being patriots, and opposing the people’s movement. Hasina argued that their actions demonstrate their disinterest in democracy and the need for democracy to continue.

Bangladesh is set to hold its 12th national election, with nearly 170 million people expected to vote for 299 lawmakers. The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party boycotted the election, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Over 42,000 polling stations are set for elections, with 119.6 million registered voters, including women and 15 million first-time voters. Sheikh Hasina is anticipated to secure a fourth term in office.

The Supreme Court has cleared the Election Commission to proceed with the elections, and 127 foreign observers will assess the election’s fairness. International election expert teams from the European Union and foreign observers from various countries are monitoring the elections.

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