World’s largest number of solar panels in China

Wind and solar power are growing rapidly in China. This could help limit global carbon emissions faster than expected. This has been revealed by a study.

The BBC, citing a study by the Global Energy Monitor (GEM), said that solar panels alone are growing at such a fast pace that global capacity will increase by 85 per cent by 2025. The report states that China’s green energy target will be met five years ahead of schedule by 2030.

But coal plants are also growing, as backups for new wind and solar farms. China is often seen as key to the world’s efforts to curb carbon emissions — the root cause of climate change. According to the BBC report, however, this new study shows that China is rapidly building wind and solar power generation capacity.

The report looks at China’s current green energy potential But also speculates on what will be announced and built over the next two years. It has been found that China currently has more solar panels installed in large projects than the rest of the world. China has doubled its wind power capacity since 2017.

But this is just the beginning. According to GEM, China is expanding rapidly in this area and will more than double its capacity for wind and solar power by the end of 2025. According to a BBC report, this would increase China’s global wind turbine fleet by 50 per cent, and increase the world’s large-scale solar installations by 85 per cent over current levels.

ChinaGlobal Energy Monitorsolar panelsWorld's has largest number of solar panels in ChinaWorld's largest number of solar panels in China