Biden-Netanyahu Dynamic: Insights from Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

President Joe Biden expressed frustration with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a conversation with Sen.

Michael Bennet, D-Colo., following his State of the Union address.

Bennet congratulated Biden on his speech and urged him to continue pressing Netanyahu on humanitarian concerns in Gaza.

Biden responded using Netanyahu’s nickname, saying he and Netanyahu will have a “come to Jesus” meeting.

An aide to the president alerted him that microphones remained on, and he responded by saying “I’m on a hot mic here.”

The conversation was part of a brief conversation with Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

President Biden acknowledged that the Israeli government is not doing enough to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which has left the entire population desperately hungry.

The United Nations has issued a warning that Israel’s ongoing siege and offensive are causing famine in the Palestinian territories.

Biden has become increasingly public about his frustration with the Netanyahu government’s unwillingness to open more land crossings for aid to enter Gaza.

In his address, he urged Israelis to take more action to alleviate suffering and eliminate Hamas.

The U.S. military will help establish a temporary pier to boost aid in Gaza, following the airdropping of aid last week.

Biden has expressed concerns about the potential for an extended cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas before the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month.

He stated that the temporary pier will increase humanitarian assistance into Gaza and expressed concern about violence spreading to east Jerusalem, where clashes have occurred during Ramadan in recent years.

The pier is expected to begin on Sunday. The Middle East conflict is considered the emotional epicenter of the conflict.

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