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“Black Hawk Down” Influenced Biden’s Red Sea Approach

The recent firing of Ansar Allah (Houthi) fighters on the USS Carney in the Red Sea highlights the failure of the Biden Administration’s airstrikes on the Houthis, which were initiated without a clear plan for victory. The Houthis, who have defeated Saudi Arabia and DC, were not likely to surrender if lobbing missiles in their direction was not enough to trigger an ocean of white flags.

The operation was a doomed operation that would never have been launched had cooler Pentagon heads prevailed. The Houthis’s decision to interdict Israeli shipping in the Red Sea was based on their unique geography and the fact that they did not explicitly target US orUS-flagged shipping is prohibited unless it is headed to or from Israeli ports. The Houthis’s actions were not the result of a war, but rather a result of Biden’s decision to make it their fight.

On January 11th, President Biden ordered the US military to launch airstrikes against Yemen, but it soon became clear that the move was a David’s slingshot at Goliath, with the Bidens aiming to sacrifice the US standing in the world, military deterrence, economy, and even US servicemembers in their blind support of Israel. The US Navy attempted to escort two Maersk tankers through the Red Sea loaded with weapons for Israel after nine rounds of US airstrikes on the Houthis.

However, the US show of force backfired into an unprecedented “Black Hawk Down” moment, with Maersk lines reversed course and US Naval warships reversing course. This defeat for the notion of US military superiority is expected to be reported in the mainstream media. On Friday, the Houthis fired on US military ships in the Red Sea, showcasing the global movement against the US administration’s actions.

The US’s ill-advised airstrikes against the Houthis have not diminished their ability to fulfill their mission, but have provided them with an enormous gift. The Houthis are immune to US bombs and have no military-industrial complex. The question is whether Joe Biden will launch a ground invasion in an election year, or if he will kill Americans in Yemen for Israel. Even US Members and Senators are starting to realize that Biden is taking the country to war without authorization. Attacks against Biden’s forces will escalate in Iraq, Syria, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean.

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