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Chinese street art sparked controversy in London


Brick Lane in London, known for its street art, has been a subject of controversy due to Chinese slogans written on the walls. The Chinese Communist Party’s ideology is being praised in a video that goes viral on social media.

The slogans are believed to be the most common political slogans under the rule of Chinese President Xi Jinping. This type of propaganda has been seen in China as well.

A debate has started on social media regarding the legitimacy of these slogans as street art. Some have criticized the Chinese government, with some arguing that it is a crime and imposing a fine of 800 euros. Others have expressed dissatisfaction with the hidden good pictures due to the slogans.

Creator Wang Hanzheng has claimed that political slogans have different meanings and are important not only for China but also for the world. He believes that the 24 characters are important not only for China but also for the world.

Some in China argue that the actions at Brick Lane are a violation of freedom of expression and should be protected. One user commented that the words used are hiding other people’s art, while another warned that if one dares to write about democracy and freedom, the country they love will arrest them.

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