G-20 summit: Ukraine praised Biden’s manifesto significant step towards bringing peace

Joe Biden


The G-20 summit in Delhi has seen heads from 29 countries participating, and a joint declaration of the leaders was released. President Joe Biden is uniting countries to end the Russia-Ukraine war and bring peace based on the principles of the UN Charter. The statement issued by the G-20 is based on the Bali G-20 declaration and UN resolutions, calling for comprehensive, just, and lasting peace in Ukraine. Member states are urged not to use force to occupy territories or act against territorial integrity.

The majority of G-20 countries have supported many UN resolutions, including on Russia’s illegal aggression. The White House said this is a strategy adopted by the Biden administration to focus on those countries that want to end the conflict while emphasizing peace based on the four major principles of the United Nations Charter. Major economies are united in calling on Russia to uphold international law.

G-20 leaders adopted a joint declaration on the first day of the global summit on Saturday, despite challenges related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the adoption of the manifesto and congratulated his Sherpas and ministers. However, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba criticized the G-20’s joint declaration, stating that it lacks pride and that Russia should not be mentioned. Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleg Nikolaenko posted a screenshot of the relevant section of the declaration, with parts crossed out in red and corrected with words reflecting Ukraine’s position as a victim of unprovoked Russian aggression.

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