G20 Summit: India’s power will be recognized by leaders of 20 countries, security forces, world

G20 Summit security forces

New Delhi

India has been preparing for the G20 Summit, which will bring leaders from 20 countries to Delhi for the first time since 1980. The country has made significant preparations, including converting Delhi into a cantonment and constructing a separate arms warehouse in the hotel. A separate anti-drone system is also in place to ensure security.

The Pragati Maidan, where the program is organized, has been divided into nine flying zones and equipped with an anti-drone system. The government has also established paramilitary forces, the NSG and the CRPF, to protect the capital from nuclear attacks. Foreign guests, including Britain’s MI6, Russia’s KJB, America’s CIA, and Israel’s Mossad, are also expected to guard Delhi.

India’s security measures are not limited to its agencies; foreign intelligence agencies like Britain’s MI6, Russia’s KJB, America’s CIA, and Israel’s Mossad are also coordinating with India. The Indian government has set up a large paramilitary force, the NSG, and the CRPF.

The security of the leaders is also significant, with US President Joe Biden scheduled to have bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Biden will discuss important issues and proposals during these discussions.

The US President will stay at ITC Maurya, UK PM Rishi Sunak will be at Hotel Shangri Lal, and the Canadian PM will be at the Lalit Hotel. Leaders from many countries will be asked to stay at the Vlorijs Hotel, Imperial. This event will allow leaders to discuss important global issues and reach agreements.

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