India’s weakness in inviting Putin



India is still in a dilemma over inviting Putin and according to the report of Vice of America, Prime Minister Modi can talk about this whole matter during his meeting with Biden. India has to finalize the guest list for the G-20 summit.

While India’s closeness with America is increasing, Russia has been India’s closest friend for decades. Both these countries are member countries of the G-20 but there is a war-like situation between the two regarding this Ukraine war.

America has given arms and financial aid worth billions of dollars to Ukraine. At the same time, Russia is infuriated by this move of America. Due to this, the tension between the two superpowers is at its peak. America is trying to somehow make Putin an untouchable in the world. Putin has been accused of war crimes and the sword of arrest is hanging.

In such a situation, calling Putin to India can make America angry. Earlier, because of the threat of a boycott of G7 countries, former G-20 President Indonesia had requested Russia to send Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov instead of Putin.

Not only this, Indonesia had somehow agreed to virtually join Ukraine’s President Zelensky to Russia. Now Ukraine again wants Zelensky to be invited to attend the G-20 summit.

India has made it clear that it is not going to invite Zelensky. Now India is stuck on calling Putin.

If India does not invite Putin, it may anger Russia. Earlier, India has virtualized the SCO summit in which Russian President Putin was to come to India. Many SCO countries are not happy with this. This is the reason why now Russia is also keeping a close watch on this summit meeting of Biden and Modi.

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