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Israeli army reinforces in West Bank firing


Israel’s army said it was boosting its forces in the enthralled West Bank a day after a Palestinian gunman shot dead, seven people on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and another firing attack in the megacity on Saturday wounded two people.

The attacks come towards the end of a month of growing battle and follow an Israeli raid in the West Bank that killed nine Palestinians, including seven markswomen, and cross-border fire between Israel and Gaza that heightened fears of a helical in bloodshed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new press, which includes strict nationalist parties that have called for stronger action against Palestinians, was due to meet latterly on Saturday.

Friday’s attack outside a temple was the deadliest in the megacity area since 2008. The marksman, Khairi Alqam, was a 21- time-old Palestinian occupation of East Jerusalem, according to police. He struck in an area that Israel adjoined to Jerusalem after the 1967 war.

The attacks underscored the eventuality of an escalation in violence after months of clashes in the West Bank climaxing in a raid in Jenin on Thursday that killed at least nine Palestinians, the deadliest similar raid in times.

” Following an IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) situational assessment, it was decided to support the Judea and Samaria( West Bank) Division with a fresh legion,” the service said.

On Friday night far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben- Gvir visited the point of the attack, where he was saluted with an admixture of cheers and wraths.” The government has to respond, God willing, this is what will be,” he said.

Netanyahu prompted people not to take the law into their own hands but said measures had been decided.

Friday’s firing, on transnational Holocaust Remembrance Day, was condemned by the White House and the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who prompted” utmost restraint”. It came days before a planned visit buy a.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Israel and the West Bank.

Jordan and Egypt, the Arab countries that have inked peace covenants with Israel, condemned the firing as did the United Arab Emirates, one of several Arab countries that normalised relations with Israel just over two times agone.

Lebanon’s Iran- backed group Hezbollah praised the attack and a spokesperson for the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas hailed it as” a response to the crime conducted by the occupation in Jenin and a natural response to the occupation’s felonious conduct”.

The lower militant group Islamic Jihad also praised the attack without claiming responsibility.

Illustrating the stewing violence, the Palestinian health ministry said on Friday three Palestinians were taken to a sanitarium after being shot by an Israeli settler in an incident near the northern West Bank megacity of Nablus.

Police said the marksman in the Friday attack in Jerusalem arrived at 815p.m. and opened fire with a handgun, hitting several people before he was killed by police.

Shimon Israel, 56, who lives hard, said his family were starting their Sabbath regale when they heard firing and screaming. He opened the window and saw his neighbour running on the road to get the police.

” I told him’ Eli, do not go there. Eli do not go.’ He got married only a time ago. A good neighbour, like a family. He ran. I saw him fall there,” Israel told.

” Natali, his woman, ran after him. She saw someone then and was trying to resuscitate him. The terrorist came and shot her from before and got her too,” he said.

Before on Friday, zealots in Gaza fired rockets at Israel, causing no casualties but drawing air strikes by Israeli spurts, which struck targets in the blockaded littoral strip controlled by Hamas.

Violence in the West Bank surged after a torrent of murderous attacks in Israel last time. The rearmost season of violence began under the former coalition government and has continued under Netanyahu’s right-sect administration, which includes parties that want to expand agreements in the West Bank.

Before Friday’s firing, at least 30 Palestinians- zealots and civilians had been killed this time and the Palestinian Authority, which has limited governing powers in the West Bank, said it was suspending a security cooperation arrangement with Israel.

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