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Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians in occupied West Bank

West Bank

Israeli forces executed 2 wanted Palestinians in a flashpoint town in the occupied West Bank on Friday, days after Israel carried out a major two-day offensive to crack down on militants.

The continuing violence raised questions about the effectiveness of raids earlier this week, in which Israel carried out rare airstrikes on terrorist targets, deployed hundreds of troops and caused widespread damage to roads, homes and businesses. As a result of the attack, 12 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were killed.

The raids are a hallmark of the second Palestinian insurgency, a period of violence in the early 2000s that left thousands dead.

Israel’s domestic security agency Shin Bet said Friday that two men it said were behind a shooting at a police vehicle this week were killed in a gunfight with Israeli forces in the heart of the West Bank commercial city of Nablus. were killed. Capital.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said two people were killed in Israeli firing, identifying them as 34-year-old Khairy Mohammad Sari Shaheen and 32-year-old Hamza Moyyad Mohammad Maqbool.

After the firing, the bullet shells scattered on the blood-soaked ground. Palestinians buried the bodies of those killed with chants of “God is great!” Shouting slogans, he was taken to the hospital. As guns went off in the air.

Friday’s deaths are part of a year-long spiralling violence that shows no signs of abating, despite a fierce Israeli operation on the Jenin refugee camp this week. They follow Thursday’s shooting by a Hamas terrorist near an Israeli West Bank settlement that killed an Israeli soldier.

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