Israeli forces kill 3 armed Palestinians

Israeli soldiers


Israel has said that its troops have killed three armed Palestinians in the West Bank after they were about to launch an attack against Israelis. Soldiers and agents of the Shin Bet internal security agency “thwarted a terrorist group” near Jenin in the northern West Bank on Sunday, according to a statement released by the Israeli military. An M16 rifle was found in the car, Xinhua news agency reported.

The statement said the head of the group was identified as Naif Abu Tsuik, 26, of the Jenin refugee camp, who was “a key military operative” and “led military operations against Israeli security forces and terrorists in the Gaza Strip”. was involved in “furthering military activities”.

Palestinian eyewitnesses in Jenin said the terrorists were heading south of the city when they were targeted by a special Israeli armed force. He accused Israeli soldiers of preventing ambulances from reaching the militants, causing them to die on the spot, and taking away their bodies.

The killing occurred as Israel launched its largest military operation in the Jenin refugee camp in more than 20 years. At least 12 Palestinians have been killed in this operation.

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