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Joe Biden’s Tall Tale of Terror Revealed

Joe Biden delivered his re-election speech on January 5, focusing on his predecessor and potential successor, Donald Trump, and the perceived threat to democracy. Biden made questionable statements, but became the first White House incumbent in living memory to give a campaign speech without mentioning his own performance or record.

In 1980, during the presidential debate between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter, Biden asked the American people if they were better off now than three years ago. With no success to cite, Biden begged, scolded, and lectured to a scattered audience. The theme was democracy and how it would be lost if Trump were to win the White House. The site of the Continental Army’s 1777 winter encampment was intended to be symbolic, comparing Biden to General George Washington, preparing for battle against a tyrant’s army.

Biden’s early address described democracy as “America’s sacred cause,” which is not accurate from a historical or contemporary perspective. The sacred cause of the American revolutionaries was self-rule and freedom from tyranny, and the US has been a constitutional federal republic since then.

Joe Biden’s recent speech has been met with criticism for his lack of accuracy in addressing the events of January 6, 2021, and his claims that Trump did nothing during the “Stop the Steal” protest in Washington, DC. He also claimed that the man who assaulted Nancy Pelosi in 2022 was whipped up by Trump’s “lies,” which is false. Biden’s rant about his leading challenger, Trump, continued for over half of the 33-minute speech, focusing on fearmongering about the 2024 election and protecting American democracy.

Biden did not falsely claim to have successfully handled the economy, border security, unemployment, or foreign policy, as none of those subjects were mentioned. Assuming he will face Trump in November 2024, Biden must hope that voters agree with him about democracy being on the ballot. His answer to Reagan’s famous question would likely end his political career, as they would likely agree with Trump’s statements.

In conclusion, Joe Biden’s speech has been met with criticism for its lack of accuracy and misinterpretation of Trump’s statements. He must hope that voters will agree with him about democracy being on the ballot, as their answer would likely end his political career.

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