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Nepal celebrates Kukur Tihar: Garlanded, thanks to the loyalty of dogs


The 5-day-long Tihar Festival in Nepal began on October 23. Kukur Tihar was celebrated on the second day. On this day dogs are worshipped as angels for their loyalty. On the first day of the festival, there is Kaag Tihar, in which dishes are placed on the roof for crows. Under Kukur Tihar, tilak-mala and aarti were performed and many dishes were fed to the dogs.

Nepal Police also celebrated the festival with its dog squad. The Canine Division of Nepal Police also organises annual celebrations to honour dogs for their service and contribution.

The dogs of the division performed tricks and won medals

One of the division’s dozens of dogs was given the title of “Dog of the Year” based on his role in solving the case. Apart from this, medals were also given to dogs who performed best in solving crime mysteries, gathering evidence, assisting in search and rescue and catching drug traders in their special area.

20,000 stray dogs in Kathmandu alone

According to media reports, there are an estimated 20,000 stray dogs in the Kathmandu Valley alone. In Pokhara, authorities are microchipping dogs, while kathmandu’s city council has launched a dog management movement to control the stray dog population.

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