Nepal: Supreme Court orders release of Charles Sobhraj


The Supreme Court has ordered the release of Charles Sobhraj, who is serving a sentence for various crimes including murder.

A writ of habeas corpus was filed saying that Charles Sobhraj should also get the facility of prison exemption given to senior citizens.

The joint bench of judges Sapna Pradhan Malla and Til Prasad Shrestha has ordered the release of Sobhraj, who is in Central Jail Sundhara, and his return to the country.

In January 2020, a writ of custody was filed asking for the release of the notorious criminal Sobhraj. After almost a year, he was released from prison and returned to the country.

Sobhraj filed a writ demanding exemption from imprisonment for senior citizens.

78-year-old Sobharaj had filed a writ on January 7, 2020, demanding release from prison. According to the Senior Citizens Act, 75% exemption from imprisonment is provided to those who have completed 75 years of age.

But due to the conflict with the Prison Act and Regulations, not all prisoners have received such facilities. In the Prison Act, there is no provision for exemption from imprisonment in cases of serious nature.

Sobhraj has been in Sundhara Central Jail since 2003 on the charge of murdering American and Canadian women in Nepal. The court has sentenced him to life imprisonment.

According to the decision of the court, although he will be released in 2023, another 5 years of imprisonment was decided against him in another case related to the death of duty.

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