Southern Lebanon’s Calm Front Enables Displaced to Return and Inspect Damage

A temporary truce has been implemented in the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, bringing calm to Lebanon’s southern border. However, the UN Interim Force in Lebanon, Maj. Gen. Aroldo Lazaro, has warned that any escalation of violence in southern Lebanon could have devastating consequences.

Lazaro also expressed concern over the exchange of fire along the Blue Line, which has claimed lives, caused significant damage, and threatened people’s livelihoods. Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto has called for an in-depth reflection on the UNIFIL’s rules of engagement in Lebanon, stating that the situation might explode if mistakes are committed.

Crosetto emphasized the importance of avoiding an escalation involving Lebanon and Syria in the conflict and urged all to strive for stability in the region, as a further explosion could create problems for the entire Mediterranean region and beyond.

The Lebanese army command has raised concerns over UNIFIL as citizens are advised to take precautions against shells and avoid approaching them. The Israeli army has targeted the Khiam Valley with two missiles 15 minutes before the ceasefire began. No hostilities have occurred along the Blue Line since 7 a.m. on Friday, despite a tense situation that has been ongoing for the past 48 days.

The Israeli army has targeted the Khiam Valley with two missiles, resulting in the deaths of 80 Hezbollah fighters and nine Hamas members in Lebanon. The violence has also resulted in the deaths of four leaders of an elite Hezbollah unit, one of whom is the son of a Hezbollah MP who leads the party’s bloc in parliament.

The Israeli army is now assessing the damage and disrupting telecom and electricity networks. Displaced people from the vicinity are gradually returning to inspect their houses, especially those far from the border.

Lebanonsouthern LebanonSouthern Lebanon's Calm Front Enables Displaced to Return and Inspect Damage