UNRWA Amid Israel’s Freezing Aid to Gaza

The International Court of Justice ordered Israel to ensure compliance with the UN Genocide Convention, prevent and punish direct and public incitement to genocide against the Palestinian population in Gaza, and permit basic services and humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip.

Israel, outraged by the ruling, found an excuse to flaunt it by accusing 12 employees of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), the agency responsible for distributing aid in Gaza, of involvement in the Hamas attacks of October 7. UNRWA terminated contracts, launched an investigation, and promised to hold any UNRWA employee involved in acts of terror accountable.

Israel stormily took to the campaign trail to rid Gaza of the UN agency it has despised for years, as UNRWA perpetuates the refugee issue, obstructs peace, and serves as a civilian arm of Hamas in Gaza. Foreign Minister Israel Katz dismissed the entire enterprise of aid through a UN outlet as a terroristic extension, rather than the ghastly product of Israel’s generational war against Palestinians. He dismissed the entire enterprise of aid through a UN outlet as a terroristic extension, rather than the ghastly product of Israel’s ruthless, generational war against Palestinians.

Powers with military ties to Israel and struggled to hold the Jewish State accountable in its Gaza campaign were distracted by the grant of licenses in the arms market, which violated human rights and allowed for crimes against humanity. Nine states, including Australia, the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Finland, rushed to condemn UNRWA and freeze funding.

The UK government was appalled by allegations that UNRWA staff were involved in the 7 October attack against Israel, while the US State Department was troubled and temporarily paused additional funding. Canada was also deeply troubled by allegations relating to some UNRWA employees.

Australia’s foreign minister, Penny Wong, considered a suspension of funding sensible, despite UNRWA’s role in providing essential services in Gaza. This move highlights the importance of international law and its sacred qualities in addressing humanitarian issues.

The UNRWA has been halted in a move that threatens the ongoing humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip, with only 12 individuals affected from a pool of 30,000 members. This measure is seen as hysterical, as it is deemed collectively punishing the Gazan population, living in catastrophic conditions. Australian Greens Senator and defence spokesman, Senator David Shoebridge, also criticizes the stifling of aid to the beleaguered residents of Gaza.

Israel can now focus on prosecuting the war against Palestinians collectively blanketed for terrorist tendencies, while removing aid workers from the mix. This move could lead to the collective regime of punishment ushered in by Israel’s policy of murderous asphyxiation, which concerns South Africa’s legal team.

The ICJ order, including increased humanitarian aid to Gaza, is being criticized by UN Genocide Convention signatories as Israel’s murderous asphyxiation policy continues.

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