Palestinian journalists group reports 11 killed and 20 injured in Gaza since Oct. 7

A Palestinian journalists group has reported that 11 Palestinian journalists have been killed in the Gaza Strip since the start of Israeli airstrikes, with over 20 injured and two missing.

The Freedom Committee, affiliated with the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, provided documentation of the targeting of journalists from the start of the war on the Gaza Strip until the evening of October 15. The group also decried the violent escalation in the targeting of Palestinian journalists.

Over 20 injuries were observed, with the most serious occurring in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army escalated by targeting the residences of several journalists directly, leading to injuries and the tragic loss of family members. Additionally, around 50 headquarters and media institutions were destroyed due to shelling.

A report in the occupied West Bank has documented Palestinian journalists being injured, assaulted, detained, blocked, fired on, and their equipment destroyed by Israeli forces.

The report also criticized interference with media broadcasts, with the Al-Aqsa channel ceasing transmission via Eutelsat satellite.

It also highlighted threats to journalists, incitement campaigns by Israeli pages on social media, and calls for journalists’ elimination and labelling them as terrorists.

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