80 cheetahs will be brought from Africa to India in three phases

After the arrival of eight cheetahs from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Sheopur, now the process of bringing cheetahs from South Africa to India will continue.

Not only Kuno but Gandhisagar Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, and Nauradehi Sanctuary will also be settled in them. 80 cheetahs will be brought to India in three phases.

12 cheetahs are enough in Kuno

These cheetahs brought from abroad should be safe, and able to breed quickly and the tourism sector of the country flourished, so these cheetahs will be released not only in Kuno Sanctuary but in other sanctuaries. Four more cheetahs from Africa will be released into the Kuno Sanctuary. Experts believe that 12 cheetahs are enough in Kuno.

A Survey of these sanctuaries has been done

After Kuno in Madhya Pradesh, now Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary in Neemuch district and Nauradehi Sanctuary in Sagar district have been selected as the home of cheetahs. Nauradehi Sanctuary has spread over 1200 sq km and Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary is spread over 368.62 sq km. Kuno has an area of ​​748.76 square kilometres. Both these sanctuaries have already been surveyed.

80 cheetahs will come in three phases

Currently, there are plans to release a maximum of 12 cheetahs in Kuno. So far 8 leopards have been released here, and there are plans to release four more. 80 cheetahs will come from Africa in three phases, which are planned to be released in Nauradehi and Gandhi Sagar Sanctuaries. Teams from South Africa have visited these sanctuaries, they say that this place is absolutely suitable for cheetahs.

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