Constipation can increase risk of piles, How to treat constipation

Keep the body hydrated to get rid of constipation. If the body is hydrated then constipation will be relieved.

Piles are a very painful disease. In this disease, the veins of the anus swell due to which there is unbearable pain.

Earlier this disease used to occur only after the age of 50 in most cases, but nowadays it has started happening in the younger generation as well.

There are many types of piles or piles. Blood also comes out in some piles, due to which anaemia also occurs. There are many reasons for this disease. In some people, it is also genetic, but in most cases, haemorrhoids are caused due to constipation.

Apart from this, this disease is also caused by chronic diarrhoea, lifting too much weight and exerting too much force while passing stool.

The most common cause of constipation is the disease of piles. In such a situation, it is necessary to take measures to get rid of constipation. Let us know how to get rid of constipation to prevent piles.

Remedies to get rid of constipation

  • Drink enough water:
    According to Medical News Today, one should drink enough water to get rid of constipation. Some studies have found that lukewarm water is more effective in relieving constipation than tap water.
  • Eat fibre rich diet:
    To get rid of constipation, eat more green leafy and legume vegetables. That is, the vegetables which are high in fibre, eat those vegetables daily. To treat constipation, doctors always recommend taking a diet rich in dietary fibre.
  • Drink Coffee:
    Consuming caffeinated coffee can also relieve chronic constipation. Caffeine corrects the digestive system, due to which there is an urge to go to the bathroom and the stomach remains clean. Coffee also contains soluble fibre which relieves constipation.
  • Consume Probiotic Foods:
    Probiotic food i.e. buttermilk, curd, kimchi etc. is called probiotic food, it contains good bacteria. Constipation occurs due to the lack of good bacteria in the stomach. Therefore, by consuming probiotics, you can get relief from constipation.
  • Don’t forget to exercise:
    It has been claimed in much research that the problem of constipation stays away by exercising. That is, it also reduces the risk of getting piles. Research has said that a sedentary lifestyle causes constipation, so physical activity acts as a panacea to relieve constipation.
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