Death by smartphone blast! Are you wrong?

If we make some such mistakes while charging the smartphone, it can prove to be fatal for us. Recently, such an incident has come to light, where an 8-month-old girl passed away. The girl's family members say that the girl was badly burnt due to the blast in the smartphone. Do you also make mistakes like this in smartphone charging?

Mobile phones have made many changes in our lives, but they can also be dangerous in many cases. Recently, such a case has come to light in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The relatives say that the 8-month-old girl died due to the blast in the mobile phone. The family of the victim says that the phone was being charged through a solar panel.

Due to overheating, the handset caught fire and the child got burnt due to being hit by it. This is not the first case when a smartphone has exploded. Before this, a video from Madhya Pradesh also came out, in which the phone exploded in the hands of a shopkeeper.

How dangerous it can be to use a smartphone in such a situation. In smartphone manufacturing, companies pay special attention to the heating of the phone. Then what is the reason for such events?

In most cases of smartphone blasts, tampering has been found on the part of consumers. Sometimes local battery sometimes overcharging, there are many such cases due to which smartphones explode. Let’s know about some such wrong habits, due to which we can become victims of accidents.


According to experts, a phone should be charged up to 80 per cent. This increases the battery life of the device and reduces the risk of exploding. Many people have a habit of leaving their smartphones on charge all night.

By the way, the latest phones come with power disconnect, but this feature is not available in older phones. Due to excessive charging, it is not necessary that there is an accident, your phone can also be damaged.

Charging and gaming

A lot of heat comes out while playing games on smartphones. In this case, if you charge a smartphone and play games on it, then the phone can get very hot. Since the smartphone heats up during both charging and gaming processes.

In this case, doing both together can make the phone very hot. This can damage any component of your smartphone or cause an accident. In the event of an accident, you may be injured due to having the phone in your hand.

Fast charging

The latest smartphones come with fast charging support. The charging capacity of different capacity has been given in phones of different segments. Some phones support 150W charging, some have 15W charging.

In such a case, charging your phone with any charger can be dangerous. If your phone supports fast charging, then there will be no problem. At the same time, charging a smartphone with normal charging support with a fast charger can have bad results.

Talking about charging

Are you one of those people who talk on the phone too much? This has happened many times when you have charged the phone and made a call. You should think several times before doing this. Because if there is an accident in this situation, you can be seriously injured.

Smartphones have to work a lot during calls. In this case, a lot of heat is released from it. At the same time, a lot of heat is emitted during charging. Therefore, we should never use our smartphones while charging.

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