How Delhi Police seized mulethi soaked in heroin worth Rs 1,800 crore

New Delhi

Delhi Police Special Cell arrested 2 Afghan nationals a few days ago. Both of them had revealed in the Narco Test. On his behest, the team of Special Cell has recovered drugs worth crores from Mumbai. Drugs have already been recovered from different parts of the country.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police has got a big success. The Special Cell has raided the Nava Shera Port in Mumbai and recovered a container. In which heroin-coated liquorice worth crores of rupees was filled. The value of the seized intoxicants is said to be Rs 1800 crore. This is said to be the biggest seizure by Delhi Police so far.

According to the information, Delhi Police Special Cell arrested 2 Afghan nationals a few days ago. Both of them had exposed the Narco Terror. On his behest, the Special Cell team had recovered drugs worth 1200 crores. When both foreign nationals were questioned for a long time, they revealed that the drug is present in a container at the port of Mumbai as well.

On the basis of this information, the team of Delhi Police Special Cell reached Mumbai’s Nava Shera Port with both the accused and raided there and recovered more than 20 tonnes of heroin-coated liquorice from a container. According to sources, this is the biggest heroin seizure by Delhi Police so far. The value of recovered heroin is estimated to be around Rs 1800 crore.

According to the sources of the Special Cell, the strings of this drug consignment are related to Narco Terror. This operation was carried out under the leadership of Delhi Police’s DCP Pramod Kushwaha. His team includes sharp officers like ACP Lalit Mohan Negi, Hriday Bhushan and Inspector Vinod Badola. This team has caught the maximum number of drugs in the year 20-21, in which most of the cases are of Narco Terror.

Surprisingly, a container filled with liquorice coated with heroin at the port of Mumbai was checked several times by the team of Narcotics Bureau and DRI. But they remained unaware of this consignment of drugs. But the Special Cell of Delhi Police recovered the consignment of drugs from that container itself and brought that container to Delhi.

This matter is being described as very sensitive because two days ago on the International Forum, the world’s biggest drug mafia Noorjahi, who was in US jail for a long time, was released in exchange for the release of an American citizen from Afghanistan jail.

In the 80s, Noorjahi was the master of drug business from all the Tanzimo of Afghanistan to many countries of the world. Who also worked for America as a drug agent for years. Then due to some rift with American agents, Noor was imprisoned in America itself. Now with the release of Noor, once again, there is a signal of great danger in the drug trade from Afghanistan to the whole world.

Top Taliban leaders had demanded the release of Noor from the US. Noor was serving a life sentence in the US for international drug trafficking. Noor is said to be very close to the founder of the Taliban, Mullah Omar. He was convicted in the US in 2009. According to Indian agencies, his release will increase the drug business.

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