What can you do for your country?

It was such a great war when death used to touch again and again. Same situation on land, the same in the sky and the same on the water. Everywhere man was involved in a conspiracy against man, the man was the hunter of man.

John F. Kennedy, Former President of United States of America

It was such a great war when death used to touch again and again. Same situation on land, the same in the sky and the same on the water.

Everywhere man was absorbed in the conspiracy against man, a man was the hunter of man. Playing enmity, some countries had come far away from their land, sky and water, while some countries were engaged in the defence of their land, sky and water.

The audacious soldiers of Japan were repeatedly targeting the Americans and then the American soldiers were busy in their defence.

There is no law of war in the world, those ancestors who did not fight at night, used to return to the camps in the evening, but now there is more danger in the night. And it is said that man has progressed with time! Has progress taught us not to think of enemies as human beings?

Well, the 2nd of August 1943 had already begun, and the night was going downhill. Without the moon, the night was very dark and there was no tide in the sea. Some ship was seen floating and twinkling, doubt always followed whether it was an enemy ship or a friendship.

The small ship, PT 109, had 12 US Marines on board. Was on alert. Just then a nearly quadruple-sized Japanese battleship appeared to be approaching very quickly. It seemed that the real death was coming in a formidable form. Soon the Japanese ship came very close.

The commander of PT 109 tried very hard, putting all his efforts to get out of the way of the Japanese ship. Obviously, the very strong Japanese ship was moving with the intention of hitting it and did the same.

A severe collision and a scene of devastation. American PT 109 split in two from the middle. Some American soldiers jumped to save their lives, while some were thrown by the collision. The commander of that ship was also badly hit on the back. He was a tall body, but his back had already been hurt, this time it happened, so it seemed that now death has come. His eyes closed for a moment. Nothing could be heard or seen.

In the blink of an eye, in the saltwater of the sea, the body got hurt by colliding with some things. The stupor broke for a few moments, then it seemed that death was not there. The Japanese ship also hit it as fast as it had come. The Japanese must have wondered who would have survived after such a tough fight. But the one whose fate is written in life gets some straw or the other.

While swimming in the sea, the process of giving voice to his companions started. If anyone is left, give a voice. If anyone needs help, give it a voice. This is also the job of the commander. Then it was seen that some soldiers were safe holding a broken but floating piece of the ship.

A companion’s moaning sounded. When he looked near, he was badly injured, he was also burnt and injured due to the fire in the ship. The commander gave him his life jacket and tied him with a rope and, holding one end of the rope with his teeth, floated towards the rest of the comrades.

After a while, the counting was done, and then two companions were reduced. Some of the rest had lost their courage and started counting their last watches, but the commander was not disappointed at all. It was then that the morning light was starting to light up, the commander said with great enthusiasm, we have saved our lives and we have to reach a safe place now. Have courage. A true soldier never gives up.

All the sailors swam to support each other and reached a small island, but it was uninhabited, there was no room for help to reach there, so all reached another island. At least coconut was available on that island, so there was some arrangement for food and drink. When two local people were seen, the commander sent a message to his army by writing on a raw coconut.

All were saved after six full days. Upon his return to the capital, Commander Lieutenant John F. Kennedy was awarded the highest military honour. The whole country started seeing him as a hero. Three years later, the true hero was elected to the US Congress.

In 1952, he entered the US Senate and was sworn in as the 35th President of the United States on January 20, 1961. Born on May 29, Kennedy said in his very first speech, ‘Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country?’

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